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Our Working Model

Customers are assessing many companies as they design their own digital transformations. Most already know their shortlist before they ever reach out to a brand to hear their perspective. This is the competitive reality that we work in, and despite significant sales cycles customers are activating decision making more quickly, and from the top.

Speed to market matters, having the right conversations with accounts that are showing signs of life before your competition matters and having the right people working together across the sales cycle matters.

At Realm we reduce working friction, acting as an extension of your team to flex thinking and activation to reach the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

Being able to measure a customer’s journey from interest through to sale is game changing, and AI now provides a level of insight which is gold dust to marketers, sales, service, product development and all the way to the board. CMOs have suddenly found themselves in the driving seat of significant technological transformation, which needs a clear connection to all customer related functions to operate.

Solving for customer identity by deploying the right AdTech and MarTech certainly forms the backbone of crafting a relevant customer journey, however this only comes to life when it’s designed correctly and delivered by skilled people. These required skills will change and evolve as the needs of your business and communications do.

The answer to this is designing high performing teams of experts where you need them, and leaning into dynamic, shorter term skillsets where you don’t. The ability to efficiently leverage skills as required allows you to operate on the competitive edge, delivering best practices while maximizing ROI.

Our working practices are built around our Gravitational Working Model. This enables us to offer differentiated commercials which put our clients business at the heart of resourcing.

Our clients have access to strong account management, B2B specific strategic thinkers and an agile workforce across media channels and different countries that flex into the team as needed. We enable our clients to deliver where they need to, when they need to.

More About Our Agile Approach

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