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Opting for strong relationships in our cookiless future.

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As 91% of consumers are now concerned about the amount of their data that companies collect and utilise, it is no surprise that the most popular web browsers will no longer support third party cookies in the near future.

Here at Realm we are taking cookie-free campaigns seriously, and we are well-placed to utilise our experience and understanding to help your brand develop in this new future, and navigate it successfully. This simple guide can help you to create a map to begin your journey.

Demand for privacy is high in this modern world. Protective customers want positive value in return for access to their data, and they are focussing on their right to consent.

This gives a unique and welcomed opportunity for brands to build trust through a combination of reassurance that their data is treated with respect, and a positive value exchange being initiated as clients opt-in to their business. Open and transparent communication, creative and engaging advertising and prioritising those clients that interact with your ads will convert user attention and encourage them to form a tighter relationship with your brand. In 2021, brands should be delivering this message clearly to both existing and prospective accounts.

Use this year to fully understand the motivations behind a customer’s decision to engage with your content. It is important to develop a clear understanding of the specific factors influencing their attitudes and behaviours around privacy vs. relevance. You can then utilise these insights to adjust the value exchange proposed to them against the purchase journey. You can reduce any risk of missed opportunities to convert, and rise above content clutter.

You should also be using your own CRM data in new ways to reach your current customers. This blend of new first-party data and existing assets will create a valuable audience for the advertising ecosystem as we move towards 2023. Now is the time to build your audience.

We look to new ways to measure performance, ensuring that the path to conversion remains as smooth as possible, and your company continues to grow to full potential. 2021 is the year to work with the data still available to us, creating new accurate estimates of these metrics that will no longer be tracked by third-party cookies.  In the future, customers will still convert after seeing digital ads, even if it isn’t possible to see the display and programmatic view through conversion data. It is time now to isolate and concentrate on these future impacts to our measurement of data, and establish new benchmarks to measure campaign success.  Close collaboration with third parties and measurement platforms to ensure a solid understanding of behaviour and show a clear reflection of the incremental increases. Once we have a clear picture of a brand’s audience, we can predict and accurately estimate their responses.

As teams within different countries and departments begin to alter their techniques, it is essential that these are implemented across the company as a whole.

Privacy data laws differ across the world and different regions will experience this pivotal cookiless change in different ways, as their technology, market dynamics and regulations differ. These variations must be recognised and understood as they happen, and integrated into a new working model without delay.

If this is taken as an opportunity to re-frame a streamlined working model across all departments, it will prevent a fragmented and reactionary approach to the new world landscape, and allow for targeted and protected data exchange as we head towards 2023.

It is essential to identify the purposes you most need the first-party data for.  Recognising the business objectives of your brand, and understanding the best way to improve your customer’s experience on their journey will highlight and refine the necessary investment you will need. You can then forge partnerships and harmonised infrastructure to realise these goals, while not wasting both investment and time chasing information that will have no impact on growth.

A B2B specialist will employ nuanced solutions for your company. We understand the best partnerships and the best user experiences to give clients a blend of the future alternatives, creating a successful hybrid model targeted to specific needs – no matter what your objectives or operational capabilities are. This can then be seamlessly employed across your company, allowing you to move quickly through the darker waters in the short-term ahead, to nurture strong future relationships with clients without the need to rely on third-party data.

Contact is to learn more about how we’re planning for this new world.

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