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Designing our world

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Our world is diverse, colourful, and a wonderful place to live, and we at Realm are well aware that we occupy a privileged position within it. We’re lucky enough to work with trailblazers in the B2B industry, and so we see first-hand just how quickly the world is contracting around us. Technology evolves daily, bringing new digital communication and customer experiences to the globe at an energising rate.

We know just how rapidly our sense of connectivity is growing, but we also see the challenges that continue with it. As D&I initiatives become a boardroom hot topic (well deservedly), diverse groups that make up our businesses continue to be misunderstood, feel isolated, and lose ground in the workplace. Here at Realm we are absolutely committed to learning and developing as a D&I first business, and we recognise this for the challenge it is.

When facing a challenge this big it’s tough to know where to begin. In checking our privilege it was important for us to recognize that motivation isn’t enough. Looking for quick solutions or implementing hasty yet well-meaning guidelines runs the risk of creating future barriers to inclusivity. There’s a lot to think about to design Diversity and Inclusion as our company foundations.

We decided to look hard at where we’ve been and to reach out to organizations that represent different lived experiences. If you haven’t had the pleasure of working with Project 23, we found them invaluable, they have inspired us to take the time to listen. We now know what we want.

We want potential and recognised talent to always find a place with us, no matter what experiences have defined their journey to date. We want an environment where voices are heard. Where opinions are valued. Where you feel like you belong.

We’re finding it a real challenge is that there is no immediate solution, no matter how hard we wish for one. For a group of dedicated and innovative problem solvers this means rethinking what success means in this environment. It’s not building short-term KPIs, or a fast roadmap to project completion. It’s understanding that sometimes a respectful pause can be a step in a positive direction.  

One thing we can do immediately is to create space – we don’t want people to be challenged to step up, but invited forward to participate. We will allow others the space to breathe, to be themselves and to speak for themselves.

Realm has a mantra and a code for Welcome Change.  We are committed to making others welcome into our space, and welcoming the change that they bring with them.

Inclusivity and diversity will not only be part of our company foundations, it will inform our journey forwards. What will we learn? We can’t wait to find out. We look forward to hearing your stories. Speak up. We’re listening.


Thanks to Project 23 for their though provoking and dynamic consulting, highly recommend!

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