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Infront Finance:

Inspiring Action From Niche Buying Teams

Our challenge involved re-launching the international Infront brand to enhance its reputation, thus improving mindshare and mental availability, essential for demand generation, loyalty, and acquisition in a highly competitive market.

Recognizing the importance of targeting a niche audience, known for their limited time and frequent exposure to advertising, we strategically reviewed and utilized all media channels, including endemic partnerships, digital display, video, paid search, and paid social.

To enhance our marketing strategy, we designed, planned and executed a full-funnel campaign tailored specifically for niche buying team members in multiple global markets.

We leveraged proven intent and keywords that increased traffic volume and integrated Google ads automation best practices to optimize machine learning performance. Collaboration with the Organic and Web teams was key in aligning our unique selling propositions (USPs) and customer journey maps to transform exposure into action.

Additionally, our strategic Account-Based Marketing (ABM) initiatives were successful in capturing demand from the most engaged companies.