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Growing into the New Year of fast paced change

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#feelingthankful. Wow, another year of fast paced change for both Realm and our clients. I’m so proud of the dedication, creativity and collaborative spirit that has defined our work this year. Welcome Change is the way that we view the world, and our agility continues to be as valuable to us as our expertise.

Change is a certainty moving forward too. There are many things that have evolved in our current modern world, and we’re seeing some strong day-to-day themes going into the New Year:

B2B remains incredibly competitive, and the increased need for secure technology solutions is driving up demand targets -sometimes dramatically! Quality demand programs which drive to KPIs past the MQL have become the norm, as business leadership puts more pressure on Marketing to contribute to revenue goals.

The death of the retargeting pixel has dramatically changed the way that we re-engage prospects and site visitors. Creative ways to handle sequential messaging and map to an off-website customer journey has become vital to build brand, and turn “unknowns” into “known” to drive pipeline.

Whether you call it The Great Resignation or not, there is no denying that the workforce is shifting as people assess their day-to-day lives against a backdrop of societal change. Our industry is no different and the talent pool is under pressure to deliver, particularly in Sales and Technical roles. At Realm we’re regularly activating our agile workforce and technology solutions to partner with clients to deliver short term needs.

We already knew that the C-Level and TDMs were “cash rich and time poor”, however the last three years have really taken the cake. Increased board visibility for IT and Financial purchases has landed them into the consideration set for far more products and services. No longer are they just “rubber stamping” the decision, they are front and centre in both managing and making them. The importance of their role will only increase into next year, and marketing campaigns require imaginative and standout solutions to get their attention.

Events have been a challenge this year haven’t they? Some physical events go ahead, some get moved to virtual, and some have been permanently moved to a hybrid model. This hybrid approach will certainly continue to become the norm. Capturing face-to-face attention is gold dust today, but we don’t want to lose the power of leveraging great digital content and engaging with demand at scale.

Thank You!

At Realm we’re looking forward to a new year of growth and celebration. Hopefully too it will be a year of physically getting together to enjoy this industry that we are so lucky to be a part of. Thank you to all of our global staff, media and technology partners, agile workforce and clients for making 2021 so special. We’ll see you in the New Year!

Merry Everything, and Happy Always – Realm