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Algolia: Unlocking the Power of eCommerce

The challenge was twofold: firstly to educate potential customers on how Algolia powers insightful and dynamic customer experiences. Secondly to provide quality demand into the business to drive pipeline.

Traditional demand tactics like Content Syndication and data buys have their role, however significant industry change as a combination of Data Privacy and B2B publishers beginning to solve for the cookiless horizon has dramatically shrunk quality data pools and user interactions. A legion of B2B brands are now fighting over a much smaller pie, and demand just isn’t working like it used to.

We worked with Algolia to prioritize ease of customer experience and access to their key messaging. By providing multiple information points at all stages of the customer journey users were encouraged to interact on their own terms and at their own level of technical understanding, whether they were a CEO or a Technical Decision Maker.

We leveraged an Integrated ABM approach to bridge awareness to Sales and ensure alignment to key customer journey metrics.

All goals and benchmarks were exceeded throughout the funnel, including re-engagement metrics and this campaign won an international B2B Marketing award.